Advanced Copywriting Masterclass.


Copywriting course

Strategic Copywriting MasterClass

Copywriting is not just about writing skill. It is 50% strategy and 50% writing. In this course you will learn to research, to think strategically about different brands, target markets, price points and how to create compelling brand stories.

As David Ogilvy said, "If it doesn't sell it isn't creative." The point being that a copywriter's job is to sell products through words, in a way that leaves competitor products in the shade.

You will be taught by experts who have worked for the most awarded, most respected Ad agencies in the world.

Assignments include creating copy for different audiences, media and platforms based on actual client needs.

By the end of this masterclass you’ll not only have improved your copywriting abilities but your ability to think strategically. You will be able to produce SWOT analyses and competitor analyses, not just beautiful sentences.

This is what differentiates our copywriting course from others.

It is also the reason we are selective about who we enrol. We will ask you to complete a copy test prior to registering and a competitor analysis assignment prior to joining the class. You will be given a guide to create the latter.