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Living the Digital Marketing Dream

Digital Marketing star, Darren Struwig

Find out how this poster boy for Digital Marketing went from modelling to Digital Strategist in London in a few months.

Darren Struwig is proof of how the world’s leading Digital Marketing course can change lives.

In 2013, he was 22, an ex TV-presenter and part time model. But this go-getter decided he belonged in the exciting new Digital Marketing field. So in April 2013, he attended the BrandSchool Digital Marketing course.

Without any prior training in Marketing, he mastered all the skills and went on to ace the exam.

Just a month prior we’d trained an MBA graduate with Honours in Marketing and 10 years marketing experience at Unilever. She also passed the international exam and did very well, but Darren’s results were exceptional. Which proves you don’t need a background in marketing to excel in the course.

The Digital Career Passport in Action

A few months after acing his exam, Darren packed his bags and flew to London.

Just 30 days later he landed a position as Digital Strategist for an up and coming agency.

Darren is living the Digital Marketing dream. He’s proof of how Digital Marketing can literally be your passport to a brand new career.

But he’s not the only person whose life has changed because of our Digital Marketing course.

From Wine maker to Wine Estate Marketing Manager

In future posts we’ll tell you about the winemaker who longed to land a position in marketing. He wrote to tell us he landed his dream job after completing our course.

From Retrenched Events Manager to Social Media Strategist in 5 days

Then there’s Jonathan, the events manager, who lost his job a week after passing the exam. He landed a great position with a Digital agency 5 days later and went on to head up recruitment for Accenture’s digital division.

From Intern to Marketing Manager at Intel

And then there’s Kholekile. When he began the course he was a communications intern at an insurance company. In January 2016 he landed a position as Marketing and Communications Manager for Intel.

As if that wasn’t enough, he was then offered a position with L’Oreal in Paris or Milan and asked to choose which country he preferred. He chose to stay with Intel. Kholekile is now with the African Union based in Ethiopia.

From Student to Entrepreneur

And let’s not forget all the young entrepreneurs who started their own agencies after attending our course. Berverley Chengetai now has her own digital agency in Texas!

We’ll profile these talented entrepreneurs and their agencies too.

They pursued their dreams. You can too. And we’ll help you do it.